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Babcock Ranch, Florida Real Estate

Babcock Ranch Homes for sale in a sustainable city with green homes.  This is the nation’s first solar town!  Babcock Ranch is located in Charlotte County, Florida near Punta Gorda and Fort Myers along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Firstly, within the beautifully planned sustainable city, you will find green Babcock Ranch homes for sale with clean power and a strong sense of community.  The developers will keep 80% of the land a preserve and over 5,000 more trees will be planted.  Even more, you will find community shopping, schools, parks, community gathering and other commercial space.

Sales began in 2016 and will continue for years, as Babcock Ranch grows to its expected 19,500 green homes.

babcock ranch homes for sale

Nation’s First Solar Town

An environmentally friendly town and a sustainable city powered with clean, renewable power through FPL (Florida Power & Light), Babcock Ranch has much to offer.  For those of you who care about the environment and minimizing your carbon footprint, Babcock Ranch is as close to paradise as you can possibly get.  Read more about the power created by Solar Energy in Babcock Ranch.

babcock ranch homes for sale

Small Town Feel

Remarkably, this master planned new development has homes for sale where nature, residential and commercial life all come together harmoniously.  You could live, work and play in Babcock Ranch – a modern, smart, small sustainable city.  Read more about Residential Life, Commercial/Town Space, and Preserving Nature.

babcock ranch homes for sale

Sustainability & Green Homes

Finally, there is more to Babcock Ranch than Solar Power.  Environmental standards are kept in the building of green homes, low-impact landscaping, community parks and using natural gas for appliances. Read more about Sustainability in Babcock Ranch.

babcock ranch map

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