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Venice Realty, Inc. offers a 2% Rebate to New Construction Home Buyers

 Learn the best way to buy a new construction home!

What is a New Home Rebate?

Our Florida New Home Rebate is a real estate rebate that we give to our buyers when they buy a new construction home in Florida.  You can read about real estate rebates from the U.S. Department of Justice.  We will be giving you a portion of our real estate commission.

How is the New Home Rebate calculated?

Venice Realty's Florida New Home Rebate is calculated simply as 2% of the base purchase price of the new home.  For example, if the base price is $300,000, then you will receive $6,000 from Venice Realty after closing.  (This assumes the builder's and lender's approval.)

Do we pay more to have a real estate agent/broker work with us?

No.  New home buyers do not pay extra for real estate commission.  The new home price is the same whether you work with a real estate broker, like Venice Realty, or you go directly to the builders' sales center.  If new home builders lowered the sales price based on the real estate commission, it would be as if they paid a non-licensed person commission, which is not legal.

Most Florida new home builders expect real estate agents to bring in many of the new home buyers that buy in their new home communities. Real estate agents and brokers are helping Florida new home builders market their new home communities.  When you work with Venice Realty, Inc. and the new home builders everyone wins!

Where do we start with Venice Realty's New Home Rebate program?

Think of contacting Venice Realty as your starting point for your new home search in Florida by calling us at 888.493.5556, emailing us at or Start 2% Rebate.

We are only able to help you through your new home buying process and offer you our 2% Florida New Home Rebate when we register you with builders before your initial contact with them.  They need to know that we are the ones introducing you to their community. Typically, upon your first visit to a new home sales center, they have you fill out an information card where there is a place for you to list Megan Hess or Diane Shiell and Venice Realty, Inc. as your broker/agent.  This is considered being registered with the builder.

Next Steps...

When you are ready to contact, visit or receive more information about new construction homes in Southwest Florida, please start your 2% Rebate with Venice Realty, Inc.  There is no obligation to purchase a new home by signing-up, but it starts you on your way to get THOUSANDS back at closing.

Start Rebate Today!

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