How It Works

Receive THOUSANDS of Dollars at closing
With up to a 2% Rebate with Venice Realty as Your Broker!

Learn How Venice Realty’s
New Home Rebate Works

Whenever I introduce a client to a New Home Builder and that client buys a new home, I usually receive a commission that is 3% of the purchase price of the new home. That means, I receive a $12,000 commission on a new home that costs $400,000.

From this commission, I give my Qualified Clients a 2% Rebate ($8,000 from the commission on a $400,000 new home) and I keep 1% ($4,000 from that same commission).

TO QUALIFY for my rebate, I must Introduce & Register you with the Builder. This is the only way that I can get paid a commission and I can give you a rebate.

The first and most important step that concerns you, at this point in time, is to Make Sure You Do Not Share Your Personal Information With a Community or a Builder. I must be the one to Introduce & Register you with the Builder–or neither of us gets paid!

The second thing you need to know is How This Works.

Take the following 4 steps to receive my up to 2% Rebate:

Step 1: Community Discovery Tools (sent in your Quiz Results email)

Discover New Construction Communities in the Venice, Florida Area where you can receive up to a 2% Rebate from Venice Realty, Inc. upon closing on your new home. FREE Tools from Venice Realty Include: Discover Your Community Quiz, Southwest Florida New Homes Webinar, New Construction Communities List, and a New Home Buyer’s Guide (with Checklists).

Use these Tools to help you narrow down the overwhelming list of New Construction Communities to your Top 3 Communities.

Step 2: Top 3 Communities – Join VIP Lists

Once you have narrowed down the list to your Top 3 Communities, ask Venice Realty to Introduce you to Builders by adding you to their VIP Lists. Join VIP Lists.

Being on a VIP / Interest List means that you have been Introduced to the Community and Pre-Registered with Venice Realty. You will receive email updates about the Community from the Builder.

After being Introduced & Pre-Registered, via the VIP List, you may contact the Builder Reps. at those Communities with questions you may have. ALWAYS tell them you are working with Megan Hess at Venice Realty during your first contact with them.

The Builder Reps. are the experts regarding their community, floor plans, design options, etc. So, you can direct your questions to them after you are Pre-Registered. Begin building a relationship with the Builder Reps. in your Top 3 Communities. Builder Reps. can add you to their Waitlists, Inventory Release Lists or Bidding/Offers Lists. When you show Builder Reps. a Pre-Qualified Letter through a lender, you become a top priority for Builders.

GOALS for this Step: Join VIP Lists, Begin Building a Relationship with Builder Reps. (to show them your interest).

Step 3: Sign up for a Builder Registration Visit with Megan

After I Introduce you to the Community by adding you to their VIP List, the Next Step is to Register you with the Builder, so you can Qualify for the up to 2% Rebate. Tell me your Builder Registration Visit date – when you plan to go to a New Home Community for the first time. You and I will meet at Communities to Register with the Builder. This is the Most Important Step in the whole process.

Continue to communicate with the Builder Reps. Again, they are the experts regarding their community, floor plans, design options, etc.

Email or Text me when you reach your final decision before you sign a contract.

For more details, see Terms of Service.

GOALS for this Step: Tell me your “Builder Registration Visit” date, Get Pre-Qualified through a Lender, Register in-person at your Top 3 Communities, Get on a Community Waitlist (where you are most interested).

Step 4: Contract – Close – Cash Back (2% EX: $400,000 = $8,000 Rebate)

When you are ready to sign a contract with a Builder, make sure I am listed as your broker in the contract. When you are ready to Close on your New Home, the Builder will apply your up to 2% Rebate from Venice Realty towards your closing costs or we will give you a check after closing.

The actual dollar amount of the commission will vary in each situation because each builder has their own guidelines for which new home costs they include in the “Purchase Price” they use for calculating the commission.

Whatever guidelines the individual builder uses for calculating the commission they pay me, you have my promise that I will pay you a 2% Rebate. The only condition is that I have to receive a 3% commission in order to give you a 2% Rebate. When you read the Terms of Service, you will see how the rebate adjusts, if the builder adjusts my commission. Make sense?

One final comment. I am here to guide you in your new home search by providing my Community Discovery Tools in Step 1 above.

It is important that you stay in touch with me during your construction process—all the way through the closing itself and afterwards.

I hope this helps you better understand how I do business and how my rebate is money in your pocket!

When thinking of your time-frame for moving into a New Construction Home, keep in mind that it typically takes 12 months+ for a new home to be built. One option is to consider “Available,” “Move-in Ready,” or “Quick Move-in” Homes.

Thank you,

Megan, MBA


Venice Realty, Inc.

Interested in a Venice, FL New Home community?

Join a Community VIP List to Move to the Next Step: Contact Builder Reps.

Joining a VIP List means Venice Realty will introduce you to a Builder Rep. at the communities you are most interested in. You will receive a confirmation email with the Builder Rep’s contact information, so you can reach out to them to get your specific questions answered about their communities. REMEMBER: Tell them you are working with Megan at Venice Realty when you contact them for the first time, so you can qualify for our Up to 2% Rebate!

Thank you,
Megan Hess, MBA
Venice Realty, Inc.