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New Home Rebate Terms

  1. New Construction Homes Only (does not affect purchase price).
  2. To qualify for Venice Realty’s New Home Rebate, a buyer must not be working with another real estate broker and must not have been introduced to the builder and community by anyone other than Venice Realty.
  3. Venice Realty, Inc. will give their Registered Clients a 2% Rebate towards Closing Costs, when the Builder pays Venice Realty a 3% Commission. Venice Realty retains a 1% Commission from New Home Sales.  Alternative Rebate Situations:  Builder pays Venice Realty a 2.5% Commission minus 1% to Venice Realty = 1.5% Rebate to Client.  Builder pays Venice Realty a 2.0% Commission minus 1% to Venice Realty = 1.0% Rebate to Client.
  4. Typically, Commission is calculated from the Base Price of Home (upgrades and premiums may not be included, depending on builder)
  5. Venice Realty, Inc. must be the Broker you are registered with at the New Construction Community/Builder.
  6. Sometimes a builder offers a Broker Bonus in addition to the commission based on the purchase price. Such bonuses or incentives are excluded from our rebate program.
  7. Successful closing on New Construction Home with registered New Home Community/Builder.

2% Rebate Examples:
1. If your new construction home is $400,000, you will receive $8,000 upon closing.
2. If your new construction home is $600,000, you will receive $12,000 upon closing.

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Save THOUSANDS With a 2% Rebate

Follow Venice Realty’s New Home Rebate program to earn a 2% New Home Rebate when you buy your new home in the Venice, Florida Area.