2% New Construction Home Buyer Rebate

The Smart Way to Buy New Construction Homes in SW Florida

How It Works

1. Request Registration

Start your 2% New Construction Home Buyer Rebate by Requesting Registration. We will get you registered with the new home community of your choice.

By allowing us to introduce you to a builder's new home community in Florida, we are able to offer you a 2% New Home Rebate when you work with Venice Realty to buy a new home in the community where we have introduced you. START HERE.

2. Tour New Homes

Once Venice Realty has registered you with the new home communities you would like to visit, you are welcome to visit as often as you like.  It would be our pleasure to schedule a tour for you.

See our Preferred Communities .

Email Us at or Text Us at +1-888-493-5556 to schedule a tour today!

3. Builder Agreement

You will sign a purchase agreement with the builder after you have decided on  your dream home in your favorite new home community in Florida. 
If you have any questions prior to signing the builder purchase agreement, please do not hesitate to ask us. 

4. Close & Get Paid

You will receive Venice Realty's 2% New Construction Home Buyer Rebate when you close on your new construction home, after following our simple steps to receiving THOUSANDS of dollars back.

The 2% New Home Rebate is calculated on the base purchase price of your new home.

For example, if your new home purchase price is $300,000, your 2% New Home Rebate at closing with be $6,000. 

This is savings that every new construction home buyer should not miss out on!

How It Works   |   FAQ's

Diane Shiell, Broker-Owner
Megan Hess, Broker-Owner

Our Story

Venice Realty, Inc. is a family-owned real estate company that began in 2003.  Diane Shiell and Megan Hess, a mother/daughter team,  are the broker-owners of Venice Realty, Inc.  As new home specialists, they are excited to offer new construction home buyers 2% cash back when they close on a new home in Southwest Florida.  Diane and Megan understand that you can do much of the work to find your new dream home online, so the have chosen to pass on huge savings to you at closing.  Continue Our Story...

What is a New Construction Home Buyer Rebate?

Our Florida New Construction Home Buyer Rebate is when we give to our buyers a portion of our real estate commission when they buy a new construction home in Florida.  

How is the New Home Rebate calculated?

Venice Realty's Florida New Home Rebate is calculated simply as 2% of the base purchase price of the new home.  For example, if the base price is $300,000, then you will receive $6,000 from Venice Realty at closing.  (This assumes the builder's and lender's approval.)

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Rebate Examples

Purchase Price     Your Rebate

$300,000               $6,000
$400,000               $8,000
$500,000               $10,000
$600,000               $12,000

Get started with a free, no hassle & no obligation new home rebate.

Click "Start Rebate" and complete the Community Registration form to start your 2% New Home Rebate.  Venice Realty, Inc. will introduce you to the new home community of your choice by registering you with the builder.  You can start visiting communities tomorrow. 

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REMEMBER Venice Realty Must Register You With Each Builder & Community

We want you to save BIG when you close on your new home with our 2% new construction home buyer rebate.  Just tell us where and we will get you registered today! 

Florida Gulf Coast New Construction Homes

Top 10 Reasons to Buy New Construction

  1.  The Feeling of New
  2.  Energy Efficiency & Safety
  3.  New, Energy Efficient Appliances
  4.  Fewer Repairs
  5.  Less Maintenance
  6.  Warranty
  7.  Design of New Floor Plans
  8.  Financing
  9.  30+ Inspections
  10.  2% New Home Rebate from Venice Realty, Inc.


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