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Ready to Buy
a New Home
in Florida?

Receive thousands of dollars
back at closing
with a 2% Florida New Home Rebate
from Venice Realty, Inc.

Simple Steps Worth Thousands

Follow these simple steps to receive 2% of your base purchase price back at closing from Venice Realty, Inc.

Step 1: Online Rebate Registration

Complete Venice Realty's online Rebate Registration form.  Once you submit this simple form, you will receive a Venice Realty Client Registration form. Print multiple copies this form to bring to each builder you visit for the first time.


Step 2:  Register with Builders

When you visit a builder for the first time, they will ask you to complete a guest card or "register" with them.  It is IMPORTANT for you to write in Venice Realty, Inc. as your broker at this time.  Bring the Venice Realty Client Registration form with you when you visit each builder for the first time.

Step 3:  Sign Purchase Agreement

Contact us when you decide on your new home builder.  Then, sign the purchase agreement with the builder making sure Venice Realty, Inc. is listed as the broker on the purchase agreement or rebate addendum.  Email a copy of the agreement to newhomes@venicerealty.com.

Step 4:  Receive New Home Rebate

Congratulations!  You have taken some simple steps to save thousands of dollars that others miss out on. At closing, you will receive your rebate.  Often, buyers and lenders have the rebate go towards closing costs or upgrades.

Huge Discounts with a New Home Rebate

Did you know you could save thousands of dollars with a new home rebate?  Why wouldn't you want to save?

We want to see Florida new construction home buyers save $5,000 - $20,000 at closing!

It is our pleasure to offer buyers a 2% New Home Rebate on new construction homes in Florida.  

We love working with buyers interested in new home communities from Bradenton to Naples, Florida. Southwest Florida is our niche!


See How It Works

(Example with 1% Rebate)

2% Florida New Home Rebate Examples

Your New Home Purchase Price:    $300,000                           Your 2% New Home Rebate:     $6,000

Your New Home Purchase Price:    $400,000                           Your 2% New Home Rebate:     $8,000

Your New Home Purchase Price:    $500,000                           Your 2% New Home Rebate:      $10,000

Your New Home Purchase Price;    $600,000                           Your 2% New Home Rebate:      $12,000

Your New Home Purchase Price:     AND UP                             Your 2% New Home Rebate:     AND UP

Venice Realty Sells New Homes in Southwest Florida

From Bradenton to Naples, Florida

U.S. Department of Justice's
1% Real Estate Rebate Example

real estate rebate example

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