Retiring in Florida

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Sunshine and Tropical Living

Retiring in Venice, FL IS all you imagine it will be!  If you are currently living “up North,” you are probably used to having cloudy and gray days – sometimes days on end.  I can remember (before we moved to Florida from Iowa in 1990) there was a time that we did not see the sun for at least 30 days in Iowa!  Floridians would not be able to handle that.  We are not used to going more than a day (rarely a whole day) without seeing the sun.

We all know Florida is known as the “Sunshine State,” and for good reason! Most places throughout Florida see the sun around 230 – 260 days a year.  The rest of the days of the year might have cloud coverage of 80%. With so many sunny days, you are able to live a very active and happy lifestyle.  It’s easier to be happy on a sunny day and everyone wants to be happy in retirement!IMG_7880

Florida’s climate is considered the subtropics.  Our rainy season is from May through October.  Historically, in a Southwest Florida summer, we experience daily afternoon rain showers.  You can even narrow down the time to 4:00 p.m.  The mornings will start off cooler, then by the afternoon the humidity usually builds until our afternoon rain.  Two wonderful parts of getting these afternoon rains is that they bring the temperature down a bit and they do not last very long – maybe just 30 minutes or so.  Sometimes we even have “sun showers!”  Sun showers are when it is sunny out and it is raining slightly.  You can even look up and not be able to tell where the rain is coming from because there won’t be much of a cloud above you.  It’s a pretty cool thing to experience.

Southwest Florida does have a long hot and humid summer, but the rains and Gulf breeze help keep the temperature from getting unbearable.  You can visit Washington D.C., NYC, South Carolina in the summer and experience hotter temperatures than you will find in July in Florida.  People are sometimes surprised to learn that.  Air conditioning is everywhere you go (except for the beach or the golf course), as well.

The other six months of the year tend to be about as close to perfect as you can get! That is, of course, if your retiring idea of perfect weather is sunny days with clear blue skies in the 70 degrees F.  What else can be said about that? I’m sure it beats staying indoors all winter, feeling cold constantly and wearing layers.  I do hear people say that after retiring to Florida, it’s hard for them to imagine living with snow again.  I’m sure there are some people who love snow, though.  Maybe?  Well, if you are a snowbird, you can have the best of both worlds during retirement.

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When you decide retiring in Venice, FL is the right choice for you, please consider the benefits of buying a new construction home.  Southwest Florida, from Sarasota to Ft. Myers (including Venice, North Port, West Villages, Babcock Ranch, and Punta Gorda) has many high quality new home communities, like living is Florida resorts.  These communities have so many amenities like tennis, pickleball, resort-style pools, clubhouses, fitness centers and more!  These amenities help make the new home community feel like a real community among the neighbors and give you many options of living an active lifestyle.

It will be very exciting – when you decide to buy a new construction home – to be able to design the various elements of your home and know that you are the first to live there.

When you decide to retire to one of the best places to live in Florida, please start your new home search with Venice Realty.  We have a Florida New Home Rebate we offer to our new home buyers.  Our program is the best way to buy a new home.  If you buy a new construction home without us introducing and registering you first, you are just throwing away thousands of dollars.  There is no reason for that.  Please read how our new home rebate works and contact us today!  There is no obligation when we register you at a community.